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What Are Our Clients Saying?

Not having been in therapy for many years I have found Sound Solutions and my clinician a welcomed benefit to my overall well being. His compassion, and getting me to acknowledge the “root” of what is going on, have helped me to have a better quality of life. I look forward to our sessions and I feel physically lighter and clearer after.


Being a client has changed me in so many ways. In the past I’ve had therapists that yelled and got mad at me; or sometimes when I asked for help they would say ok, but then never really help.

My counselor is great. He listens. He’s my voice of reason.


Overall, I’d say therapy has given me more stability and perspective. The bad days aren’t as bad, and the targeted selection of coping skills & exercises I’ve learned help me do the heavy lifting of healing.

Without a doubt, my life has changed for the better. I used to be stuck in the same old patterns. Just wasting all my effort to survive. After working with my clinician to change problem behaviors, view myself more realistically, and confront negative beliefs I find I can do more in my life.

I feel like therapy hasn’t changed who I am so much as allowed me to see important things that I’ve been blind to all these years.


My overall therapy experience with my clinician has been a great one. I’ve had several therapists over the years and I can truly say that he has been the best of them all.

I feel extremely comfortable having him as my therapist. I hold a lot of stuff in and don’t tell people a lot about myself, but my therapist knows almost everything about me – that’s how comfortable I feel with him.


“A few years ago I had a nervous breakdown and my life was deteriorating. After seeking out a number of therapeutic services elsewhere, I have since stuck with Sound Solutions, and my clinician, who has helped get me back on my feet, improve my livelihood, and learn coping skills to be resilient in face of life’s hardships. While I still have a long ways to go, I believe I would be in a very dark place today if not for the empathy, support and non-judgmental support I have been receiving during these last few years”