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TomAaron Batterson, LMHC

I believe the best way for me to help others with their personal development, is to continually work on developing myself and raising my consciousness. Life is about experiencing the world around you, and life’s challenges act as catalysts for our learning and personal development; and what we learn from our experiences over time shapes our beliefs. I can help you sort through your experiences and beliefs to find balance in your life again.

I have been a clinician at Sound since 2010, working in Child and Family Services for 7 years before joining the Sound Solutions team. Prior to Sound, I earned a Bachelors in Sociology at the University of Montana and a Masters in Community Counseling from Seattle University. Originally from San Bruno, California, I have called Seattle home since 2005. I currently live in West Seattle with my husband and our six adopted children. Professionally, I will help you increase self-awareness through Mindfulness and meditation. These practices can help to reconnect your mind with the information your physical senses provides and increase your awareness of your emotional and behavioral patterns. I will provide you with a calming space free from expectations, in which you can process your experiences with the goal of achieving happiness and stability in your life.

My specialties include treating teens and adults with ASD, anxiety, depression, psycho-somatic pain, chronic stress, addictive behavior, and any who simply need help finding their way in life.